Georgia Moon has been a licensed massage therapist for over 30 years.

In 1985 at age 20 she began her journey into learning the theories and connection between mind, body, and spirit through massage and reflexology training. Her career has expanded to providing skin care as a licensed esthetician for 6 years. Georgia has worked in progressive and traditional settings, offering many modes of therapy including reflexology, relaxation, neuromuscular and sports massage. She really enjoys teaching rejuvinationg techniques such as meditation and yoga to restore themselves in everyday life.

To further her ability to influence her clients spiritual and mental well-being, she is currently enrolled in the challenges of Yoga Teacher Training.

Our goal at Massage by Moon is help clients learn to live a healthy, balanced life, provide education of the benefits of essential oil and techniques to manage the stress of daily life through massage treatments and meditation.

We strive every day to impact the world around us in a positive and productive way.